Virtual High School Life Simulator

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Virtual High School Life Simulator

Enjoy school life days, get ready to play a virtual high school life simulator. Experience endless fun when playing virtual high school games.

Your virtual family has decided to enroll as this is the best high school in town. Either you are a high school boy or school girl, experience an online learning in this high school simulator fun life adventure. This free to play high school simulator game will let you explore your educational abilities. Enjoy your virtual high school life days. Beware of high school bully gangs and gangsters. Do not involve in bully fights. Help your classmates from getting bullied by gangsters in high school.

Enter into this virtual high school simulator adventure. You have to perform various tasks. First, go to the high school teacher room. Search your classroom, attend virtual teacher sessions. As a virtual kid, you will increase your knowledge in this school life simulator game. Play, mathematical games, and puzzles with your virtual family and friends. Learn to match alphabets in this fun school educational game. Enjoy sports in this virtual high school playground. Play as a real football striker. Play soccer with your virtual classmates. Be a soccer champion player in your high school soccer team. Participate in school sports games and racing competitions. Show your virtual teacher that you are the best student of this top high school game. Get high scores at each level as a virtual school game lover. High school games will give virtual kids a different learning experience while playing educational games. Interaction with the virtual teacher will let your kids learn new things in online education. Virtual school kids are the assets of this high school and will learn a lot in this preschool educational game. These school games will let your virtual kids learn mathematics, matching, and puzzles. A virtual teacher will teach how to count and identify the alphabets in this high school simulator game.

Virtual School simulator game is full of fun. Kids will love these educational and sports games. As a virtual kid, you need to play different levels to unlock new levels. You can complete your virtual classroom tasks and can interact with your virtual head teacher or class teacher. High school learning games for kids will not let you get bored. Experience this fun learning virtual high school life simulator. You will need to work hard to get good grades. Your virtual mom and virtual dad will be proud of you once you pass this high school.

This High School simulator game is designed for all school boys and school girls and all virtual school game lovers. Download this fun school adventure game and complete all the challenges and missions.

Virtual High School Life Simulator Fun School Game Features:

- Wonderful High School Life Missions.
- Detailed Environment.
- Challenging Missions & Tasks.
- Play Football & Quiz games.
- Take Part in school sports.
- Addictive Fun & Educational gameplay.